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The Village Companies, LLC

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The Village is a collection of three related entities:

  1. The Village Companies, LLC is a family of companies whose people are obsessed with the belief that by acting together, we will achieve greatness. We serve three primary industries:
  2. Amusement: Bay Tek Entertainment (manufacturer of games) and Dimensional Branding Group, a brand and licensing agency that serves the entertainment industry.
  3. Manufacturing services: MCL Industries’ contract manufacturing expertise helps power products across many industries including emergency response, construction, industrial refrigeration, etc.
  4. Consumer products: This division offers recreational products and includes brands such as Skee-Ball®, the original alley roller game, Maverick Hunting, and Beer Belly Bags.
  5. The Village Investments – The Village has invested in and partnered with TitletownTech (TTT) and Tundra Angels to support their ventures while building a stronger, more sustainable community.
  6. The Village Real Estate –This entity creates long-term stability for The Village and our community. With more than 385,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, warehousing, and office space in Pulaski, WI we house all our operations and lease space to regional businesses.

We don’t just build cool stuff. We build thriving communities.

o   Imagine a company committed to giving its employees meaningful work, which shares 10% with its people, and gives 10% back to its communities while also curating an ecosystem that grows healthy businesses. Business can be a powerful source for good and The Village is making this a reality in northeastern Wisconsin.