Sponsorship Opportunities

The Pulaski Area Chamber of Commerce believes that our businesses thrive best when they exist within a strong community. Quality of life has a direct impact on economic development, employee retention, and the acquisition of new talent, particularly within rural communities. Our role is to directly assist our Chamber members with business visibility and promotion so that our community is aware of what is present, what should be supported, and who is supporting our community.

We have three main events that the Chamber of Commerce oversees…two of them are brand new. Our Annual Golf Outing serves as an anchor of success to build upon, and our new mini golf event for the community gets even more eyes on the businesses who choose to actively participate in what we have to offer. Our Kids’ Market works hand in hand with Pulaski Area Community Education (PACE) and our Pulaski area elementary schools to bring basic entrepreneurship classes to ambitious 5th grade students. We wrap up the year with a month long series of events across the entire Pulaski Community called “The Spirit of Pulaski” and promoted as a traditional Christmas Advent Calendar.

Below is a collection of our Sponsorship Options for 2024. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our events, please contact our Executive Director at pulaskichamberwi@gmail.com