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Paparazzi by Julie Birr

Contact: Julie Birr
Work Pulaski WI 54162 Work Phone: (920) 606-7827 Website:


What’s the most important thing to know about Paparazzi? It’s fabulous fashion for just $5. Every piece. Every day.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be glad to know Paparazzi products are:

Lead-free and nickel-free
One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel
Always changing—buy it when you see it!
Produced in facilities with elite standards and regulations for quality and labor
Shop Direct:

Join the fun on the Facebook Julie Birr’s Paparazzi Party Group (Live Sales Weekly, Wall Drops & Lots of Giveaways) and check out her Facebook Business Page as well!

See it, feel it, wear it yourself!
You might think we’re all about accessories, but Paparazzi is really about change! Changing the way people look. Changing the way people feel. Changing people’s futures and their lives. Though our fashion-forward jewelry and product parties are centered on fun, Paparazzi fulfills a serious mission. We believe that trendy accessories can be available, and affordable, to women everywhere. We know that wearing a new look, and feeling confident in your appearance, builds amazing self-worth. Our passion is inspiring dreams, empowering talents, and reaching goals by sharing our products and the excitement of Paparazzi. We see it happen every day.