Tastefully Simple by Bethany Holl

Tastefully Simple by Bethany Holl
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W433 Hwy 156 Pulaski WI 54162
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(920) 566-5335
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Independent Consultant

Tastefully Simple by Bethany Holl

Delicious and amazingly easy-to-prepare food. From seasonings and sauces to meal kits and desserts,  they have clean label options, recipes, and more to make family dinnertime and entertaining a success! 

Bethany Holl has been a Tastefully Simple consultant since November 2001!

She first discovered the gourmet foods at a craft show, tried the products and was amazed at their flavor and versatility that she knew she wanted to help others get access to them!

She is available to help you! If you are looking to place an order, host a taste-testing party, or are in need of fundraising opportunities, corporate gift giving or adding some extra income to your monthly budget, please reach out to her directly via phone or email. 


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